The Legal requirements for all Landlords in England have changed. THE ELECTRICAL SAFETY STANDARDS IN THE PRIVATE RENTED SECTOR REGULATIONS 2020 is now in force, with fines of up to £30,000 for landlords found in breach of their duties. The Local Authorities now have the power to arrange for a person to enter the property if the landlord fails to comply with the remedial notice and do the work in their property. Any costs incurred will be recoverable from the landlord.

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Release the heavy burden of dealing with electrical issues

Our testing and inspection services and subscription plans will take care of everything while you save time and money.

A wide array of core electrical solutions

Any issue related to electricity will be taken care of by our expert professionals. These are some of our most popular services.

New Consumer Unit

New Consumer Unit

Setting up a HMO installation to accommodate extra appliances or even rewire of unused room is a certifiable job that must be done by a trained professional. This prevents any unwanted outcomes that your insurance won’t cover.

Domestic EICR

Domestic EICR

A regular Electrical Installation Condition Report might be that small thing that makes a difference when the time comes. Designed to prevent future dangers and to tackle improvements before they become a problem is essential. The best solution is always prevention.

Electrical Fault Finding

Electrical Fault Finding

Electrical faults can occur at any time, leaving you without power. At Test Electrix, our specialist electricians can promptly get to your commercial or domestic premises to inspect, uncover and repair electrical faults. Book a fault-finding service today.


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Landlord’s Peace Of Mind

Why We Are A Landlord’s Peace Of Mind

Both our services and our integral coverage through efficient subscription plans will ensure that almost every emergency will be taken care of on time. Your tenants will have direct contact with us, this will save you time and focus to redirect what you do best. While we do what we are best at. We’ll ensure your properties are regulation compliant, properly maintained, and up to date with industry standards. Preventing setbacks, undesired accidents, and potential legal issues is key to keeping your properties generating cash flow year-round. That’s why working with us is the right decision.

Get your property’s electrical needs in order with our team of professionals and stop worrying. Contact us and get your property registered with us right away.